Muffuletta Sandwich

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Total Time
5 mins
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I served this at a company luncheon that I hosted and it was a BIG hit with everyone who loves olives and a couple of people who don't. Mortadella is an Italian bologna, any garlic bologna would work.

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  1. Take 1 loaf fresh Italian bread (one big round for a traditional muffuletta) slice in half, dig out some of the bread.
  2. Make the olive salad by combining olives, garlic, peppers and vinegar.
  3. Drizzle some of the olive oil and juice from the salad on each side of the open loaf- use plenty.
  4. On the bottom, place meats,cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce and olive salad.
  5. Top with other piece of bread and cut into wedges.
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I am from New Orleans and GAWD, do I miss these suckers! Just a tip, make the olive salad ahead of time and let it sit in the frige for a day or two. Ooo La La!!

This is my favorite requested sandwich to make for a party or any get together---I make the olive salad to put on my french bread, pita chips etc----just love it---I use only salami (this is a must) and a good ham---provolone and swiss or any other cheese you like---

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What a wonderful picnic this was! We enjoyed the sandwich while watching James Taylor at Chastain Park in Atlanta. A layered salad and oatmeal-cranberry cookies completed a wonderful meal. Thanks! Will make this olive salad often.