Dirty Rice and Beans

Total Time
2hrs 30mins
30 mins
2 hrs

I invented this version of dirty rice to accompany my husbands fantastic ribs. It's easy to make, but it does want to simmer for a good long time.

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  1. Fry the Bacon.
  2. Cook the onion in the grease until it's translucent.
  3. Add the olive oil, oregano,basil, cumin, garlic.
  4. Rinse your rice 3 times.
  5. Add rice and sautee for 10 minutes.
  6. Add broth, beans (do not drain), bay leaves, and soup.
  7. Cover, Bring to a boil, turn down heat to between low and medium.
  8. Simmer for at least an hour, ideally two.
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High in fat-- high in carbs.. fantastic food for a runner nite before a marathon!