Dakota's Crab, Tuna & Egg Salad

Total Time
6 mins
17 mins

Another recipe from real cajun recipes. Submitted by Dakota Delcambre...she writes the following;Most Cajuns follow the tradition of not eating meat on Friday during the Lenton season. This recipe would be great for Lent. Donald writes - Dakato is the great grandson of Isadore Delcambre, This is my son, 8 yr-old Dakota's 1st easy to make lunch recipe. This salad should be served on your favorite sandwich bread along with your favorite extras: lettuce, cheese, etc... Dakota experienced his first crawfish-boil in Washington! (You should have seen him and his siblings). Master Dakota - you make us Cajuns proud.

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  1. Boil eggs while preparing other ingredients. Drain tuna and crab cans and mix with the remaining ingredients in a large bowl. Add the mayonnaise to your desired consistency. Add chopped onions or olives if desired. Peel and chop eggs; add to the mixture. Serve on your favorite bread with favorite fixins of potato chips, soda, tea or cold beer for adults.
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Wonderful! I used lump crabmeat and fresh chopped onions instead of onion powder. It's a cool, creamy salad. Great on rolls or on a bed of lettuce. Thanx for posting!