Crock-Pot Beans & Sausage

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Total Time
8hrs 10mins
10 mins
8 hrs

Southern comfort food at its finest. Let this cook in the crockpot all day and serve up with some cornbread. This recipe can be cooked on the stovetop and the liquid can be cut back to make it thicker and less soupy. I dreamed this up one cool day when I was hankering for some good beans and sausage.

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  1. Place all in crockpot and mix to combine.
  2. Cook on low 8 hours or on high 4-5 hours, till hot and flavors meld.
  3. Serve with corn bread and hot sauce.
  4. Note: Beans are added without draining. Omit broth or some of the liquid from beans to make thicker and less soup-like.