Crawfish Chowder

Total Time
15 mins
45 mins

When we go to the beach, there is one resturant that we always go to for their crawfish chowder. I found this recipe online and it's a very close match. I usually leave out the optional shrimp and add in more crawfish tails.

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  1. Cook the bacon in a frying pan; drain on paper towels and crumble when cooled slightly.
  2. Put the bacon grease in a dutch oven.
  3. Add in the butter, onions, celery and green onion; saute until soft.
  4. Add the shrimp stock, corn and potatoes.
  5. Bring to a boil and then simmer until the potatoes are tender.
  6. Add in the crawfish (and shrimp is using).
  7. Simmer until heated through.
  8. Add in the whipping cream and seasonings.
  9. Simmer about 10 minutes for the flavors to meld.
  10. Just before you get ready to serve, add in the butter, cayenne and parsley.
  11. Ladle into bowls and sprinkle each serving with the crumbled bacon.
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This turned out delicious! I made a double batch to make the effort worth my while. It certainly isn't the cheapest recipe to prepare but it certainly is worth it. The chowder tastes better as it sits in the fridge...

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Outstanding!!! My Wife picked up some crawfish on a whim and found this recipe to use it with. We were in heaven!

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This was wonderful! I really enjoyed it, it was rich and creamy and had a fine flavor. I used only crawfish, followed directions exactly. It was easy to make and I will certainly make this again and don't think I will change anything. Thank you for posting. PAC_Fall07