Comfort and Cream

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1 min
0 mins

SoCo and Bailey's oh my!

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  1. Combine ingredients with ice in a shaker. Shake well and strain into a short glass or leave over ice.
  2. Optional garnish: sprinkle with shaved chocolate or chocolate sprinkles. Also great rimmed with chocolate syrup!
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Wow. I admit I'm not a huge Southern Comfort fan but I really wanted to try this and it's a nice surprise.. nice and smooth, with a firey finish. I prefer having it over ice to let the drink mellow out a bit more. Thank you!

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I have downed a few of these babies this week...(I needed destressing...OK?) and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every "sip". This is really a great combination, it intrgued me as I love both on their own, but somehow putting them together would have never occured to me. I am thrilled it occured to someone because this is quickly becoming my "go to" drink.

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I was surprised how much these two liquors went together. The SoCo gives depth to the Baileys. Very smooth and creamy!