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Terrific BBQ sauce! Looking forward to slathering it on grilled chicken tonight. For now, the taste right out of the bowl is spot on - tangy, slightly sweet, love the mustard base. Halved the recipe; yield was about 1 cup. Used about 1/4 tsp chipotle chili powder in place of liquid smoke [none on hand].

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Heather U. June 24, 2012

I think it's clear the one star reviewer thought this would be a tomato or 'red' based sauce, not a Carolina mustard/vinegar sauce. Anyway I made it- it is true to the form of a Carolina mustard mop sauce. Had it on smoked pulled pork sandwiches and it was very, very good. Good recipe if you like a Carolina MUSTARD/VINEGAR based sauce!

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Tom W. July 10, 2015

I'm not sure if the person who gave this one star messed up the recipe or what, but this was amazing on my pulled pork sandwiches. A little tangy, a little sweet, a little heat. Delicious!

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drlemon1 June 09, 2015

Deeelish. After a trip to Myrtle Beach last year I have been searching for a mustard based BBQ sauce that is as good as the one they serve at Damon's. I have found it. I made some up last night to mix with some pulled pork and man oh man it is so close to the sauce at Damon's My next batch is going on baked wings. Thanks so much for sharing.

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rocket_j_dawg April 18, 2015

I want to first offer my apology for writing this as I hate having to give a negative review, but in the interest of others who may make this recipe based upon the reviews I want to offer some caution.<br/><br/>This review should have been written some time ago right after I had made and tried the sauce(I don't know why it wasn't), but the feeling and memory of the experience was so strong it lingers to this day. <br/><br/>I'd say about a couple of years ago I tried this recipe to use on some pork ribs and to me it was simply INEDIBLE.<br/><br/>While I had some reservations and doubts about the recipe, I choose to go ahead and make it based upon the many and overwhelmingly positive reviews which were posted. I think I read something about how it was the best of 3 different BBQ sauces which someone made, how even a picky child had liked it and stuff like that, people calling it great even when they don't really like barbecue sauce. So hearing this I went ahead and made it, I believe as written.<br/><br/>I realize it was "Carolina style" sauce, mustard and vinegar based and was fine with that because I love mustard, all types and could eat it straight out of the bottle, but for some reason, in this recipe it was simply intolerable.<br/><br/>I write this because I am still upset at all the time and food/condiments I had wasted. In fact, the recipe was so bad to me and I'm so die hard at not trying to waste anything, I tried to "fix" the recipe(after making it as written) by adding ketchup and more brown sugar, whatever I had, but it was still waaay too tangy or vinegary, or sour our whatever, just inedible. <br/><br/>If you want to make it go ahead, but I'll warn you that it does not taste like a traditional barbecue sauce and I would recommend maybe making it in a smaller quantity and sample it before you put it on your meat. You don't want to learn the hard way like I did, having to throw everything away.

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Ceruleanveritas February 04, 2015

One word: YUM! We did a 9 lb pork roast for shredding - need 2.5x recipe of this awesome sauce!

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MakeMineCadburys March 11, 2013

I just made this sauce, and after it cooled down, I took a taste, I cant stop tasting it because its so good, I am going to let it sit in the fridge a couple days, to use an a 12 pound pork butt shoulder blade I am going to smoke, cant wait to taste it on the meat, I tripled the recipe, I just cut down on the cayanne, and I did not use the liqid smoke, because I am going to smoke the meat with hickory chunks. cant wait to try on pork ribs.

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fussbudget1 July 04, 2012

I made half the recipe. This bbq sauce is so good. I like the taste of smoke liquid in recipes and it was great also in this sauce. Thanks Rita :) Made for All you can cook buffet.

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Boomette September 07, 2011

Made this for a pig roast yesterday. Made a double batch and there is none left over. This will be made again, and again and again... Thanks for a great recipe.

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Maryland Jim May 31, 2010

I'm not a big fan of the mustard/vinagar based sauces, but DH is so I printed this recipe and gave it to him to make for himself and he used it on a boston butt he smoked last weekend. He made me try it and to my surprise, I loved it, lol. After 30 years of marriage and BBQ, we can now share a wonderful sauce we both love. Thanks for sharing!

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MarshHen August 23, 2009
Big Daddy's Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce