Barbecue Sauce

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Total Time
10 mins
1 min

This is a "no rules" recipe - add or omit ingredients as you please.

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  1. In a blender or food processor, thoroughly mix the sauce ingredients.
  2. Taste sauce; add chili powder and/or Tabasco for hotter sauce.
  3. Refrigerate.
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made this today very good. little sour than I like will cut the mustard down next time and see what happens... also didn't have the liquid smoke when making and too cold to go get some otherwise it was real tasty... enjoyed it very much on chicken breast for Sunday dinner P.S. used honey instead of black strap molasses still very good....

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Amazingly good for a no-cook barbecue sauce. I used regular products in place of the no salt or reduced salt items. I also used regular molasses because black strap, while good for you, is really strong. The only ingredient I could not bring myself to include was the mayo. It just didn't seem fittin'. I also just whisked it all together, starting with the tomato paste and water. Miller, God Bless you!

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I needed a low-sodium/no sodium recipe, as my husband is sodium restricted. This turned out to be tasty as can be. Thanks!